Portland State activist at Gaza camp threatens to burn more police cars

May 6, 2024 | Political News

As police moved in to remove activists from the Portland State University library on Thursday, one protester threatened to set more police cars on fire.

Activists lined up outside the library across from a line of police officers. One of the protesters yelled, “Just Remember, 15 cars got torched at the north precinct last night. We can do it again next month, motherf*cker!”

On Thursday morning around 1:55 am,15 police cars were set on fire by an arsonist outside the northeastern Portland training facility. In a press release, Portland police said there were no damages to the building and no one was hurt. Officials said it was being treated as an arson case.

Police eventually moved in and cleared out the Gaza Camp at Portland State University and it was revealed that many of the activists involved were not connected to the university, but were Antifa-linked outside agitators.

When officers arrived on the scene, police announced that anyone refusing to leave the inside of the building would be arrested. They said, “This is the Portland Police Bureau. By request of Portland State University, the Portland Police Bureau is ordering you to leave Millar Library AND the South Park blocks are now closed.”

“Failure to leave the library and the South Park blocks will subject you to arrest for second-degree trespass, ORS 164.245,” the announcement continued. “Leave the South Park blocks and the building, by using the main, front library exit. Leave Now.”

While inside, police found improvised weapons created by those occupying the library including ball bearing projectiles and water balloons containing an unknown liquid.

University President Ann Cudd announced that students who participated in the seizure of the library will not face punishment and the university won't pursue charges against the activists.

Police urged anyone with information related to the arson fire to contact Police Detective Meredith Hopper at Meredith.Hopper@police.portlandoregon.gov or call the PF&R Fire Investigation Unit’s tip line, 503-823- FIRE (3473) using the case number 24-108126.