Poll: 61% of Tennessee voters oppose $500M in state funds going to new Titans stadium

Sep 2, 2022 | Political News

In a new poll, 61% of likely voters in Tennessee oppose the state giving $500 million toward a new Tennessee Titans stadium.

The poll, conducted by Targoz Market Research for the nonprofit policy group the Beacon Center of Tennessee, showed that 69% of those polled in East Tennessee disapproved of the move while 57% in Middle Tennessee disapproved and 55% in West Tennessee disapproved.

The poll also offered a “not sure” option. That meant that just 20% across the state approved of the move, with 22% in Middle Tennessee approving and 18% in both West Tennessee and East Tennessee.

The $500 million is only a portion of the state funds that will go toward the proposed $2.2 billion new stadium. The state also has committed to giving away a 5.5% sales tax at the stadium and 2.75% sales tax in 130 acres of the future development outside the stadium while also approving a 1 percentage point increase in a hotel-motel tax in Davidson County.