Persecution of Trump’s lawyers imperils the rule of law

Apr 9, 2024 | Political News

We don’t live in a free country any more. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed.

It’s easy to miss the vapor of totalitarianism seeping into America when most of our lives are dominated by 21st-century bread and circuses, propaganda silos, and self-made virtual worlds, layered on top of centuries of American prosperity and stability made possible by the rule of law.

The targets of this nascent totalitarianism are somewhat unlikely ones: lawyers.

Lawyers don’t get much sympathy. But in those moments when you need to protect your life, liberty, or property, a lawyer is your shield, your advocate, your friend. Lawyers are important not only personally to individuals in crisis, but broadly to the rule of law, which is under attack in America by the very persons and institutions meant to uphold it.