Pence’s Hiding Raises Questions

Aug 2, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

Mike Pence has come out swinging against Donald Trump in recent weeks, criticizing the former president for his role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Pence has also accused Trump of trying to pressure him to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Trump has responded by attacking Pence, calling him a “coward” and a “traitor.” He has also suggested that Pence should be impeached for his role in the certification of the election results.

The back-and-forth between Pence and Trump has been highly publicized, and it has drawn attention to Pence's decision to go into hiding after the January 6th attack. Pence has not made a public appearance since the attack, and he has been largely silent about his role in the events of that day.

Some have criticized Pence for going into hiding, arguing that he should be more willing to defend himself against Trump's attacks. Others have defended Pence, arguing that he has a right to privacy and that he should not be forced to relive the events of January 6th.

Regardless of one's opinion of Pence's decision to go into hiding, it is clear that the former vice president is now at odds with Trump. This is a significant development, as it could have implications for the future of the Republican Party.

He has made a few critical remarks about Trump, but he has not really gone on the offensive. He has also not responded to Trump's attacks in kind.

I believe that Pence is being strategic in his approach to Trump. He knows that he cannot win a public battle with Trump, so he is trying to stay out of the spotlight. He is also trying to avoid becoming a martyr for Trump's base.

It is too early to say what the long-term implications of Pence's decision to go into hiding will be. However, it is clear that this is a significant development in the ongoing feud between Pence and Trump.

To learn more about What Pence is Saying read this article from Fox News. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

Former Vice President Mike Pence did not parse words when reacting to former President Trump's indictment by Special Counsel Jack Smith on Tuesday.

In a statement released following Trump's indictment on charges related to the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol and efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, Pence accused Trump of putting himself over the Constitution, and said a Trump candidacy would serve as a distraction from President Biden's “disastrous” record.

“Today's indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States,” Pence said. “I will have more to say about the government’s case after reviewing the indictment.”