PA man accused of beheading his own father ‘snapped’ after taking hallucinogens in college: report

Feb 3, 2024 | Political News

Justin Mohn, the man who is accused of decapitating his father and then displaying his head in a gruesome YouTube video, was a “class clown” who “snapped” after taking “a lot of psychedelic drugs,” according to former classmates.  

Mohn reportedly beheaded his father, Michael, 68, at their home in Levittown, PA. He then shot a YouTube video and showed the severed head to viewers before going on a rant about the Biden administration and the government. 

He placed blame on his father as well who had been working for the government for 20 years and while holding up his severed head stated, “Violence is the only solution to the federal government's treason.”

According to further reporting from the Daily Mail about Mohn, former classmates of Mohn said that he had been a “class clown” up until he started taking drugs at Penn State.  

“It's common knowledge that he took a lot of LSD, and it's widely accepted by his friends that it destroyed his brain,” one classmate told the outlet.  

“He stopped responding to his friends, he just ghosted everyone. After he attended Penn State he would post these paranoid statuses and delete them.” 

On Tuesday, Mohn was arrested and charged with first-degree murder only hours after the YouTube video was posted online.  

Prior to his “snap” and in his high school years, Mohn was described by classmates as “cocky,” “snobby,” and “intelligent” and was voted to be the high school's class clown. 

“It was around 2015 that he started posting paranoid rants, that seems to be when he snapped and started having the same mindset as in his video,” another peer of Mohn added.  

Images from his middle school yearbook show him winning class clown two years in a row and in a high school newspaper article he said that his superhero name would be “Hairless Armpit Man.” 

In one ranting post that Mohn wrote on his social media profile, he stated, “All 40,000 Penn State students already saw me as famous and ‘too cool' to show up to my own parties.” 

“I am not kidding, I will consider it defamation and or a tort if any girl I did not sleep with brags about sleeping with me – I'm sorry ladies you'll just have to consider yourself nobodies forever.” 

This post and others started to be a common occurrence after he started taking psychedelic drugs.  

He also proclaimed in a post at one point that he was “America's only rightful leader,” and has referred to himself as the “Messiah.”

Mohn posted a flag calling on others to join “Mohns Militia” in another with instructions on how to join with him in fighting against the government.