OpenAI’s ChatGPT often answers questions like a WOKE moron, defaulting to illogical left-wing narratives

Dec 18, 2023 | Political News

As generative AI tools gain more widespread use, it is becoming painfully obvious that many skeptics’ worst fears about the technology are being realized – and bias is near the top of the list.

When this technology was first starting to take off, some observers worried that it had the potential to be biased in some way. While much of the conversations surrounding this particular pitfall related to racism, it turns out that tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT actually have a very heavy liberal bias, and users are growing increasingly disillusioned with its lack of neutrality.

ChatGPT is one the most popular AI tools, and its widespread use means that its many problems are quickly coming to light. The chatbot has been used by everyone from students who can’t be bothered to write their own assignments to professionals who aren’t willing to take the time to draft emails.

Not only does much of its output have a political bias, but it is also showing favoritism when it comes to which prompts it is willing to accept. For example, an opinion writer for the Daily Wire, Tim Meads, reported that when he asked ChatGPT to compose a story “where Biden beats Trump in a presidential debate,” it came up with a complex story in which this exact scenario happens. It said that Biden “skillfully rebutted Trump’s attacks” while showing “humility and empathy.”