Oklahoma teen Nex Benedict left notes ‘suggestive of self-harm’ prior to death: autopsy report

Mar 28, 2024 | Political News

A final autopsy report revealed that Oklahoma teen Nex Benedict died by suicide from a “combined toxicity” stemming from antidepressant and antihistamine medications. Reports around the teen said that Benedict identified as non-binary prior to passing away.  

The report found “no lethal trauma” to the head despite Benedict, 16, being involved in a fight at school the day before, the New York Post reported.  

Furthermore, Benedict left handwritten notes “suggestive of self-harm” before the death occurred.  

The final autopsy report was released on Wednesday and found “no lethal trauma” despite various head injuries such as contusions, lacerations, abrasions, and hemorrhages, according to pathologist Dr. Ross Miller. 

Benedict also suffered nonlethal injuries to the neck, limbs, and torso, per the report. 

On Feb. 8, Benedict died after collapsing on the floor the day after being involved in a physical altercation that occurred the day prior in the girls bathroom at Oswasso High School in Oklahoma. 

The fight with the girls lasted approximately 2 minutes and was broken up by others in the school. Initial reports were that Benedict had been bullied leading up to the incident and that head trauma was a factor in Benedict’s death. 

While mainstream media and transgender activists were quick to allege that Benedict died from head trauma and bullying, police body cam footage revealed that Benedict allegedly started the fight, in addition to the autopsy report confirming that Benedict died as a result of suicide and not injuries sustained during the altercation in the bathroom.