Obituary For Conservative Inc.

Apr 23, 2024 | Political News

I have some unpleasant news for you.

The conservative movement is dead.

More specifically, Washington’s “Conservative Inc” is dead. 

That great monolithic miasma of long-time, DC-based conservative organizations (I won’t name them, because you already know who they are) from whom you receive a plethora of purple-prose fundraising letters…

Who constantly invite you to their high-dollar soirees and cruises (for the bargain price of your first born)…

And who are always, inevitably touting some great endeavor upon which they have “bravely” embarked – and that invariably, like the life of Macbeth. end up being “full of sound and fury signifying nothing” (except more money in their already bulging bank accounts) — 

Yes, that Conservative Inc is now dead –

Finally finished off by Little Mikey Johnson’s total betrayal of conservatives nationwide with his dastardly sell-out to the Deep State on warrantless FISA search and seizure (bye bye Fourth Amendment) and his padding the already overstuffed pockets of the Little Grifter, Volo Zelensky (bye bye $68 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars). 

By failing to rise up in umbrage and outrage, Conservative Inc showed for all the world to see that it could do absolutely nothing about this outright betrayal of the American people’s trust.

No, let me correct that:

By failing to rise up in umbrage and outrage, Conservative Inc showed for all the world to see that it WOULD do absolutely nothing about this outright betrayal of the American people’s trust.

It could and should have fought like a banshee…

It could have stopped Little Mikey dead in his sordid tracks. 

But it wouldn’t lift a finger, yet alone lead a revolt.

And Why? you might well ask.

Was it  because Little Mikey is too tough? 

Puh-leeeese, Mike Johnson makes Caspar Milquetoast look like Charles Atlas.

Because Little Mikey was working the will of the people?

Actually, I think Mr. Johnson’s total grassroots support would have fit in a phone booth. 

So why did Conservative Inc turn tail for the tall grass and leave the American people defenseless, defalked, and defrauded?

In short: Because there was no money in it. 

Oh sure, there may have been a quick buck. Mere pittance. Pocket change. 

But, to Washington’s Conservative Inc, that juice just isn’t worth the squeezing. And as to right and wrong, well, the public be damned. After all, we’re talking money here folks.

As one leader of a major Conservative Inc organization told me when I urged him to enter the fray on a major issue that needed immediate action: “No way. We make our money suing people. And that issue wouldn’t take enough time.”

Simply put: The Big Boys who make the Big Bucks ensconced in the Big Plush Executive Suites of Washington’s Conservative Inc only look for Big Scores. They only want the Big Bucks. The Big Paydays. The power and the glory and the Big Bankrolls. 

And, in the words of their spiritual father, Robber Baron Willian Henry Vanderbilt, “The public be damned.”

Now you understand why the great blue collar philosopher Eric Hoffer wrote in his landmark book The Temper of Our Time, “All great causes start out as a movement, become a business, and end up as a racket.”

A decidedly rancid racket. A smelly, smarmy racket. A bloated, bombastic Conservative Inc carcass that exists only to draw in highly affluent and susceptible flies easily duped and readily fleeced. 

Should you have any doubt whatsoever about this, just check the bank accounts of Washington’s major Conservative Inc organizations. 

You will find that they have not just millions, but hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away. They often have to spread their obscene wealth around to several different financial institutions in order to protect their massive motser. And yes, to help avoid easy detection by inquiring minds.   

So, let me get back to where I began. 

And make sure I have made myself clear. 

Yes, Washington’s Conservative Inc is dead – but its smelly, money-laden, high-living carcass is still very much alive and well…

Sending you fundraising letter after letter (postal and email – they are experts at knowing to which you will be respond)… staging their high-dollar, high-profit conferences, confabs, and conventions (at which their high-pocket honchos pay each other to speak)… and laughing all the way to the bank –

While conjuring up phony issues, or not doing a damn thing to legitimately fight very real issues that are destroying the Republic about which they claim to care so very much and actually do absolutely nothing…

Yes, like Little Mikey Pelosi’s total sell-out of the American people. 

It is as Hoffer wrote: “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”

So what’s a body to do? 

How do you rid yourself – and what should be your mass movement – of the money changers in the temple.

Well, first, stop contributing to the devils. Cut them off. Cut them out. Cut and run, looking not back (remember Lot’s wife) and shaking the dust from your feet.

Again, I will not name names. I believe you already know the massive, monolithic Conservative Inc organizations that now dominate the Washington horizon. They are the ones that have been around for so long that they no longer swim against The Swamp – they are The Swamp. 

They have been usurped. And while they pretend to be “fighting the good fight” in their hyperbolic fundraising letters, they are actually shucking and jiving – while lavishly immersing themselves in the usurpation.

So, first, stop contributing. And second, Look around at the small organizations that (1) are run by a tiny staff of overworked, under-paid employees (who work for the cause, not the cash), (2) are housed in the low-rent district, rather than in plush, lush offices, and (3) are absolutely hated by the mainstream media (As FDR once said, “You can tell a man by the enemies he has. And I’ve made some pretty good enemies.”)

We started out with Eric Hoffer, so let’s finish up with Eric Hoffer. The Longshoreman Philosopher wisely wrote, “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

By helping bury the carcass of Conservative Inc, learning the lessons of its timely demise, and helping build a vibrant new conservative movement in its place, you can both inherit the earth and equip the world that no longer exists. 

You can, in the words of Hoffer’s favorite poet, Tennyson, “seek a newer world” that abandons the trappings of wealth and renown, ends the Conservative Inc carcass consummate racket, and makes American once again, in Ronald Reagan’s words, “a shining city on a hill.”

Together, let’s do this thing!