NYPD raises American flag over CCNY after mass arrests of protesters

May 1, 2024 | Political News

On Tuesday night, police tore down the Palestinian flag that had been installed by students at the City College of New York before hoisting the stars and stripes back to their rightful place atop the flagpole.

The move came following the arrest of dozens of protestors on charges of trespassing and other offenses related to their involvement in the days-long demonstration.

“An incredible scene and proud moment as we have assisted [City College NY] in restoring order on campus, culminating in raising Old Glory once again on their campus flagpole,” New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry wrote in a post on X.

Footage of the event showed three officers standing atop the pedestal tearing down the Palestinian flag. After removing it from the pole, one of the officers crumbled it up into a ball and tossed it onto the ground.

Once the pole was cleared of the red, green, and white, Daughtry and Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Tarik Sheppard helped hook the American flag to the pulley system and raised it.

Similar events took place at other universities across the nation, including the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where the chancellor himself helped raise the flag.

In a statement, The City University of New York explained that, “early Tuesday evening, a large crowd of demonstrators marched from Columbia University to the City College campus,” and that while CUNY law enforcement “handled the initial response, arresting 25 individuals,” as the crowd grew, “CUNY and CCNY leadership made the difficult decision to request NYPD assistance.”

The NYPD arrived on campus around 11:45 pm and continued making arrests.

“Students have a right to demonstrate peacefully and exercise their First Amendment rights,” the statement continued. “Tuesday night's actions were taken in response to specific and repeated acts of violence and vandalism, not in response to peaceful protest. CUNY will continue working to keep our community free from violence, intimidation and harassment.”