“No Grade Below 50” Policy Creates Tension Between Hamilton County School Board Members

Jul 26, 2023 | Political News

A recent Hamilton County School Board meeting was quickly dismissed after tensions were aired out in front of the public concerning the district’s “no grade below 50” policy and a Letter to the Editorpublished earlier this month, written by Board Member Larry Grohn.

The controversial grading procedure requires teachers to assign students a minimum or baseline grade of 50 regardless of the grade they earned. While the policy does not make it impossible for a student to fail, it does make it far easier for a student to catch up.

If it’s easier for students’ grades to go up, it’s easier for school district success rates to go up.

After repeated attempts to get an explanation from Hamilton County Superintendent Dr. Justin Robertson, Grohn resorted to sharing the information he had with the public via his Letter to the Editor.