Nike Co-Founder Makes Massive Donation to Oust Oregon’s Democrat Governor

Oct 21, 2022 | Political News

Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight donated $1 million dollars to Republican Christine Drazan's Oregon Gubernatorial campaign, the New York Times reports. This is a major donation to a campaign that is surprising the nation. After all, the historically blue Oregon could very well flip to the party of Lincoln!

Drazan is currently besting her competition in the polls and her numbers have been holding with some consistency. Drazan leads Democrat competitor Tina Kotek by three points in the Real Clear Politics Average. And this is all in a state which hasn't elected a Republican Governor in nearly 40 years!

Knight had previously donated $3.75 million to Independent Betsy Johnson's campaign. But as the New York Times reports, he is fully committed to keeping a Democrat out of office, no matter the cost.

“Ms. Drazan’s candidacy received another jolt of momentum in recent days from Phil Knight, the billionaire co-founder of the sports giant Nike, Oregon’s largest company. In the early months of the campaign, he sent $3.75 million to the coffers of the independent candidate, Betsy Johnson, a former helicopter pilot who spent two decades as a thorn in Democrats’ side in the Oregon State Legislature before finally leaving the party last year.” the Times reports.


But as polls showed Ms. Johnson lagging well behind Ms. Kotek and Ms. Drazan, Mr. Knight, frustrated with what he described as a lurch too far to the left in the state’s government, switched his loyalty this month, sending $1 million to Ms. Drazan.”

His reasoning? The Democrats are pushing insane policies in Oregon.

“Mr. Knight, who rarely speaks with reporters, said in an interview on Thursday that he would do whatever he could to stop Ms. Kotek from becoming governor, describing himself as ‘an anti-Tina person.' He said he had never spoken with Ms. Drazan…

‘One of the political cartoons after our legislative session had a person snorting cocaine out of a mountain of white,' Mr. Knight said. “It said, ‘Which of these is illegal in Oregon?’ And the answer was the plastic straw.'”

This donation will surely give even more momentum to the Republican Drazan, who may have won the race even without the donation. Things are looking very good for Republicans in 2022.