New York union worker says his message to Joe Biden is ‘f*ck you’

Apr 26, 2024 | Political News

A union worker at a job site in Midtown delivered a strong message to Joe Biden on Thursday morning: “F*ck you.”

The message was prompted by a Newsmax reporter, who asked the union worker what his message for Joe Biden was. He also asked whether the worker was surprised to see so many Republicans in New York City.

The worker said he was not surprised, adding “it’s turning now, it’s Trump’s turn again.”

Trump visited the job site ahead of the start of the Thursday trial day in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s falsified business records case against him.

The large crowd of workers was heard chanting “We love Trump” and “USA,” as Trump moved down the line shaking their hands.

According to ABC 7, the group of workers were part of the Teamsters Union. The construction site was at East 48th Street and Park Avenue.

“I've built a lot of buildings with the teamsters. They like me a lot. It's an amazing show of affection,” Trump said.

“Look at that building,” Trump said, looking up at the under-construction building. “We've built a lot of great buildings in this city with these people. They've given me great support.”