New York judge threatens to lock up Trump over alleged ‘gag order’ violations

Oct 20, 2023 | Political News

A New York judge threatened to imprison former President Donald Trump on Friday claiming that he violated a gag order issued at the beginning of the civil fraud trial brought forth by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Judge Arthur Engoron berated Trump's defense team in opening remarks over allegations that Trump failed to remove a social media post mocking the judge's clerk's relationship with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, which was the reason Engoron issued the gag order on the second day of trial.

“In the current overheated climate, incendiary comments can and in some cases already has, led to serious physical harm and worse. I will now allow the defendants to explain why this blatant violation of the gag order would not result in serious sanctions, including financial sanctions and/or possibly imprisoning him,” Engoron said to Trump's attorneys, according to NBC News.