New York City Spending Tens Of Thousands On Migrant Meals That Get Trashed

Dec 15, 2023 | Political News

New York City is spending tens of thousands of dollars on meals for illegal migrants that end up in the trash.

About 70,000 meals that cost $11 each were marked “wasted” in less than three weeks recently by DocGo, a medical services company tapped by the city to provide migrant care, according to internal company documents reported by The New York Times.

The meals, meant to be eaten by about 4,000 migrants in DocGo’s care, were tossed between October 22 to November 10, records show.

The city pays DocGo up to $33 a day per migrant for three meals a day. This means that the wasted food cost as much as $776,000 or about $39,000 a day in taxpayer dollars.