NEW: Vivek Ramaswamy and Byron Donalds BLAST corrupt judge, felon ‘star witness’ outside of NYC Trump trial

May 14, 2024 | Political News

Vivek Ramaswamy and Rep. Byron Donalds slammed Michael Cohen and the trial against Donald Trump as they stood outside the courthouse in New York where Trump faces a trial on falsified business records, now in its 5th week. 

Ramaswamy told the press, “You heard Michael Cohen's testimony—after which I would say it is less clear than ever what that crime actually was.”

“They'll say falsifying business records. Well, let's look at who we did learn falsified business records today,” Ramaswamy added. “We get what, [an] hour, 2 hours—felt like it could have been 7 hours of Michael Cohen talking about how he falsified business records,” Ramaswamy told the press.  

“So, you have a guy who has been a perjurer in the past that is now saying he falsified business records. What is the crime that Donald Trump committed now? It appears to be what they might allege is some sort of bookkeeping error or whatever,” he added. Ramaswamy challenged the press to point to the crime that Trump committed in the case, saying that it is even more vague after Cohen took the stand. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has not said what felonies Trump allegedly committed that warrant 34 felony counts due to the bookkeeping records.

Donalds also ripped into Cohen and the trial saying that the former Trump lawyer's testimony amounted to the Trump organization paying legal expenses. “The Trump … organization, not the Trump campaign, paid out money in legal expenses,” Donalds said. 

“Where is the crime?” he added. “There is no crime, the only crime that's happening here is this Democrat judge and the Democrat Party prosecuting their political rival.” 

Donalds then slammed Judge Juan Merchan, saying that his daughter is financially benefitting from the trial and that Merchan won't recuse himself from the case.  

“America is better than this,” he said. Donalds called the trial a “travesty of justice” and said that it is a “joke” and a “farce” of a trial.  

North Dakota Mayor Doug Burgum as well as Rep. Corey Mills also spoke alongside Donalds and Ramaswamy. Both voiced similar sentiments about the trial.  

Burum added in his statement, “We know from the polls that President Trump is leading all over the country, and the conclusion is that the American people have already acquitted President Trump.” 

Mills added a few words as well about Cohen.  

“Michael Cohen who has no credibility, who has perjured himself multiple times, who has zero integrity, has actually admitted to defrauding the Trump organization.” 

Mills called the entire trial a sham and an attempt to prevent Trump from being on the campaign trail.