New Twitter files show top executive uncomfortable with FBI intervention

Dec 19, 2022 | Political News

The latest installment of the “Twitter Files” Sunday night revealed the social media giant’s Trust and Safety chief expressed discomfort over increasing censorship demands from the FBI.

The sixth installment showed that “Twitter's contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive, as if it were a subsidiary,” wrote Matt Taibbi, one of the journalists enlisted by Twitter CEO Elon Musk to detail the findings, in the Friday thread. “Between January 2020 and November 2022, there were over 150 emails between the FBI and former Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth.”

But it also has revealed, with the release of the supplementary material, that the FBI was apparently becoming unhappy with some of Twitter's responses and that they were seeking more in the way of specific written answers to their concerns that Twitter was not monitoring the “propaganda” as efficiently as the FBI wanted.