NEW: PublicSquare joins Timcast in sponsoring NASCAR driver Cody Dennison

May 11, 2024 | Political News

On Saturday, the online marketplace PublicSquare joined Timcast in sponsoring NASCAR driver Cody Dennison. 

In a post on X, Dennison showed a picture of the car, and said, “We got the @Timcast car unloaded at NASHVILLE!!! It is looking beautiful.” He added, “Also.. welcome for the rest of the year @officialpsq!!!!” 

“Public Square has joined the team!!” Dennison added.  

In a response post, Tim Pool said, “LETS GO.”  

Last month, Timcast announced the sponsorship with Dennison with a picture of the car.  

In response, Dennison posted, “WEEWWW BOI. We are looking SHARP for Kansas.” He added, “Can't wait to take this thing to 185 mph. Saturday on FS1!! Thanks so much to @Timcast.”  

In an interview with Chrissy Mayr in March, Dennison revealed that the Timcast sponsorship was the “whole reason” he can compete this year. When she asked how the idea came about, Dennison said that Pool took an interest in his racing when they were working together on content.  

He noted that there were people who got angry over the sponsorship in the interview. “The people that are angry about this um are always angry because they're tribal,” he said.  

When asked why he decided to sponsor the car, Pool told The Post Millennial, “Cody is a friend and we wanted to support his efforts and thought it would be a cool thing to do.”    

According to its website, PublicSquare is an online marketplace “where you can buy everything your family needs from businesses who respect traditional American values.” 

“PublicSquare is on a mission to restore the culture through the power of commerce,” it adds on the website. “This isn’t about boycotts, it’s about helping you switch to something better. We’re honored to have you on this journey to ensure America remains a great place for our families to thrive for generations to come.”