NEW: Post Malone sings ‘America the Beautiful’ ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Feb 11, 2024 | Political News

Singer and rapper Post Malone performed “America the Beautiful” ahead of the start of Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday evening. 

Prior to the game and performance, the musician was spotted chatting with a few Coast Guard personnel.  

Leading up to the performance when he was on the field, Malone said that he was “scared sh*tless” for the song. 

In addition, Malone posted a picture of himself with his guitar and wearing another camo outfit the day of the game on X. 

The rapper and singer, ahead of his performance, said that he was “very nervous” to be performing the patriotic classic in an interview with Apple Music.  

“I’m excited,” he added. “It’s just fun and super epic to be able to go out there and sing a song so many beautiful artists have sang before on this stage. I’m just gonna do my best, just do my best, and give it what I got.” 

Malone said that the best advice he got for times like these were a few words from his father. “My dad told me, ‘You’ll never make everybody happy. So just be yourself and do your best at everything you do,'” when a younger correspondent spoke to him in the interview. 

“America the Beautiful” has been played prior to the national anthem at every Super Bowl starting in 2009. Others who have performed the song at the game include Faith Hill as well as Ray Charles.  

The 28-year-old resides in Utah's Cottonwood Heights since leaving Los Angeles in 2019. He called the state an “oasis” compared to life in California.

“I finally made the move out of LA and I moved to Utah. I feel like in LA and Hollywood there’s such a strange vibe to where there’s a lot of vampires,” he said. He added that Utah is an “oasis” and that he was “sick of” the coastal city.