New Poll Spells Doom for Biden and Dems with Black Voters’ Support for Republicans Surging

Sep 16, 2022 | Political News

A new poll could spell bad news for the Democrat Party in the very near future. Joe Biden is an unpopular President, and hardly anyone likes him. He is perhaps the worst President our nation has had since Jimmy Carter.

Biden's general unpopularity has been apparent since August 2021. But according to many pundits, Biden and the Democrats are making a comeback. Indeed, Juan Williams calls Biden the “comeback kid.” That has been borne out by a low but steadily increasing approval rating — Real Clear Politics puts Biden's approval rating at an abysmal (but still good for him) 42.6 percent. But things are changing, and a new Rasmussen poll could finally sink the Democrat Party as we know it. It looks like we could see a massive red wave!

Rasmussen Reports asked voters who they would vote for on a generic congressional ballot. Rasmussen has Republicans up 4 points in that ballot — they have steadily held a 3-5 point lead in their polling.

But more impressive are some of the micro-data of the polling — how it breaks down among demographic groups. And the results are stunning! Democrats only lead Republicans by 24 percent among African-Americans on the generic congressional ballot now, and that has to scare Democrats immensely!


“Fifty percent (50%) of whites, 31% of black voters and 42% of other minorities would vote Republican if the election were held today. Fifty-five percent (55%) of black voters, 38% of whites and 43% of other minorities would vote Democrat.”

The poll also reveals that Republicans are winning independents, big league.

“The Republican lead is mainly due to an eight-point advantage among independent voters… Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 40% would vote Republican and 32% would vote Democrat, while 12% would vote for some other candidate and 16% are undecided.”

These results are stunning. The Democrat's voter base is shifting away from them, and the liberals had better adjust if they want a future in our country. A growing populist movement is taking shape in our country, and the MAGA movement is at the forefront of it. Republicans are not the party of the white upper class — they are the party of the everyman, regardless of race.