New Poll Shows Republicans Leading On Congressional Ballot In Six Battleground States

Oct 17, 2022 | Political News

Conditions are shaping up for a massive red wave. While the mainstream media tries to downplay the extent of this wave, Americans are seeing through the mirage. A new Republican movement is in order, and it will be glorious.

Real Clear Politics currently projects Republicans to win 52 seats in the Senate — giving them a new majority. Almost everyone expects the Republicans to gain a sizable lead in the House. All in all, things are looking great for the Party of Lincoln heading into November.

As we report today, a recent Rasmussen Reports survey has Republicans leading in six critical swing states, states essential to the Republicans gaining control of Congress. Patriots all over the country have to be ecstatic to hear this news, which suggests the shortlived Democrat unified Government is over.

The poll finds:

“Results compiled by Rasmussen Reports from more than six weeks of telephone and online surveys of Likely Voters find Republicans ahead on the generic congressional ballot in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In three of those states – Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania – Biden’s total approval is at 41%. His approval is 46% Michigan, and 43% in both Ohio and Wisconsin.”


This certainly spells bad news for Biden. But the poll also spells good news for Republicans, especially on the generic congressional ballot.

In Arizona, Republicans lead their Democrat competitors by three points on the generic ballot — 47%-43%. In Georgia, that number jumps to an eleven-point number — fifty percent of likely voters would vote Republican, as opposed to 39 percent for the Democrat. In Michigan, the number is four percent –48%-44% — while in Ohio Republicans lead Democrats by six points, 47%-41%. In Pennsylvania the number is five percent — 48%-43%. Lastly, in Wisconsin, Republicans lead their Democrat competitors by 4 percent, 46%-42%.

These numbers are all highly encouraging. MAGA Republicans from all over our great nation are excited about the prospects of 2022 and 2024. America is shifting back towards the tried and true Conservative values that made us great in the first place. We are excited to see the impressive results of the coming midterms, which will serve as something of a referendum on the failing Biden presidency.