New Poll Shows Republican Leading In Deep Blue Oregon’s Gubernatorial Race

Oct 2, 2022 | Political News

The deep blue state of Oregon has not elected a Republican Governor since 1982. But a slate of new polls shows that things may be changing, and the Party of Lincoln may once again win in the beaver state. Nearly 40 years after the last Republican governed the state, Former Republican State Minority Leader Christine Drazan is leading all competitors in a major turn of events, indicative of a broader red wave across America.

As the Oregonian/OregonLive reports:

“About 32% of likely Oregon voters said they would vote for Drazan if the election were today, while 31% said they would vote for [Tina] Kotek, according to the poll conducted by Portland firm DHM Research. Betsy Johnson, a longtime Democratic lawmaker who is running unaffiliated, received 18% support.”

Similarly, Breitbart cites a new Clout Research poll which shows Drazan leading Democrat competitor Tina Kotek by 3 percentage points — the two polling 38 percent and 35 percent respectively.

This concurs with previous polls which show a decisive Drazan victory is within the realm of possibility. As the DC Enquirer reports:


“Polling site Five Thirty-Eight shows Drazan beating her two competitors — left-leaning independent Betsy Johnson and former House Majority speaker and Democrat Tina Kotek — in a slew of recent polls. As the University of Virginia’s Center For Politics writes:

‘Outgoing Gov. Kate Brown (D) is deeply unpopular, and there may be some desire for change in the Beaver State. Johnson, the independent, would still be the most surprising winner, and Kotek and Drazan both will be working to try to prevent their voters from flocking to her banner. There’s just enough uncertainty here that we’re looking at the race as a Toss-up now.'”

This is indicative of a massive red wave. Oregon and other typically blue states are competitive for the first time in over a decade. That is absolutely amazing and shows two things — Republican policies work and Democrats are deeply unpopular. Ultra-MAGA politics are the way forward for all of America, and it is beautiful to see America First patriots all over our country taking action. Our states matter, and the races that decide their future are of central importance.