New Poll Shows Pro-Trump Senator Leading Anti-Trump Challenger By 11 Points

Sep 24, 2022 | Political News

A new poll finds that Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is leading his competitor, the notorious anti-Trump figure Evan McMullin, by 11 points. McMullin is running as an independent, just as he did during his 2016, Anti-Trump themed Presidential campaign.

The Utah Debate Commission put out the poll, demonstrating what we already knew — Americans love Trump and detest his opponents.

Salt Lake City's KUTV reports: “A new poll, with findings released Monday from the Utah Debate Commission, has Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) with an 11-point lead over challenger Evan McMullin (unaffiliated). Lee has 48% support vs. 37% for McMullin; just 5% are undecided.”

KUTV came to the following conclusions about the results: “The take-away may be the race is not as close as McMullin's campaign said its internal polls showed — nor is Lee's lead as large as his campaign had stated in its polling.”

For context, Evan McMullin is a consistent Anti-Trump voice in Utah — even running against him in the State in 2016. Indeed, McMullin was quite successful in 2016 — pulling 21 percent of the vote. On the contrary, Mike Lee has generally been a friend to the President. He voted to acquit Donald Trump in both impeachment trials.

That is far better than his Senate colleague — RINO Mitt Romney — who was the lone Republican Senator to not acquit Trump in both impeachment trials — albeit, not agreeing on all charges during the first trial.

While recent polls showed the race neck and neck, McMullin may have just been dealt a not-insignificant blow to his campaign chances.

The Lee Campaign said the following about the implications of this recent poll.

“Recent poll numbers are encouraging. Sen. Lee is committed to earning every vote so he can continue fighting for conservative values and economic principles that help Utah families.”

While McMullin expresses some Conservative views, he has the endorsement of the Utah Democrats, which should make any Utah Conservative more than a little skeptical. The Democratic Party is no friend to America, and certainly not Utah. Utah is a very Conservative state, and it is looking as though they are going to vote their minds in the coming elections — in both 2022 and 2024.