New Poll Reveals MASSIVE Swing Amongst Hispanics to Trump-Led Republican Party

Oct 8, 2022 | Political News

A new NBC/Telemundo poll reveals that Conservative Hispanics favor a Republican-led congress by nearly 56 points — numbers indicative of a coming red wave. More importantly, over the course of ten years, there has been a 65 percent swing to the Party of Lincoln!

The poll claims:

“In the merged NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls of 2012, 49% of self-described conservative Latinos said they preferred Democratic control of Congress, versus 40% who wanted Republicans in charge — a 9-point edge for Democrats.

But in our Sept. 2022 NBC News/Telemundo poll, a whopping 73% of conservative Latinos say they prefer Republicans in control of Congress, versus 17% who prefer Democrats — a 56-point advantage for the GOP.

That’s a net 65-point swing in a decade, and it helps to explain how Republicans have cut into Democrats’ lead among Latino voters.”

While Democrat Pollster Aileen Cardona-Arroyo blames this on ideological divides, there's a lot more going on. Biden is not a popular President, and he has none of the charisma or pull of Barack Obama — who was the figure commanding the Democrat Party in 2012.

Obama, for all his many flaws, was an expert politician who commanded attention whenever he spoke. He was one of the worst Presidents of all time, but he had qualities Biden could never dream of possessing. Obama could effectively trick voters into thinking that he was far more moderate than he actually was. Biden, on the other hand, is anything but moderate and people are starting to see through his claims. Conservatives of all stripes and ethnicities can see that Biden is no Conservative, and he can scarcely hope to represent their values.

Biden is no “Scranton Joe”, no nice, cuddly, unassuming Grandpa-esque figure. He is an opportunist who is willing to do the bidding of the most radical wing of the Democrat Party.

Hispanics, like most other voters, are seeing through the cascade. As the DC Enquirer reported earlier this week, an NBC/Telemundo poll covers Biden's numbers with Hispanics on the specific issues — and they were predictably atrocious.

“The poll shows Hispanic voters prefer the way Republicans handle both the border and crime. The poll also finds only 42 percent of likely Hispanic voters have a favorable view of how President Biden is handling the border crisis and only 41 percent on how Biden is handling the economy.”

These numbers suggest the Republicans are in great shape for the years ahead. The radical fringes and RINOs in the Republican Party are no longer pretending to be Conservative and Conservatives of all stripes are flocking to the party of Trump. This is the start of a new Republican Party that stands for MAGA principles that benefit all Americans.