NEW: Police move in to clear Gaza Camp from Portland State University library, arrests made

May 3, 2024 | Political News

On Thursday morning, Portland Police worked to clear out the Gaza Camp that took over Portland State University’s library. Many of those involved in the encampment are Antifa-linked outside agitators and are not affiliated with the university. By late morning local time, the library was cleared.

Two arrests were made outside of the library Thursday morning. 

Portland Police announced early Thursday morning, “Portland Police is beginning effort to clear the Portland State University Library. Expect to hear police announcements via loudspeaker.” 

According to a press release, police closed several blocks around the library during the operation, with the operation to clear the library being expected to take “several hours.” 

When officers arrived on scene, a Portland Police Bureau sound truck played announcements warning those still inside the building that anyone who refused to leave would face arrest. 

“This is the Portland Police Bureau. By request of Portland State University, the Portland Police Bureau is ordering you to leave Millar Library AND the South Park blocks are now closed,” one announcement stated. 

“Failure to leave the library and the South Park blocks will subject you to arrest for second degree trespass, ORS 164.245.  Leave the South Park blocks and the building, by using the main, front library exit. Leave Now,” another announcement said. 

After 20 minutes, a new message began playing: “This is the Portland Police Bureau.  Anyone left inside the South Park blocks and/or Millar Library will be arrested for second degree trespass ORS 164.245.  Anyone resisting arrest could have force used against them and be subject to additional criminal charges.” 

“This is PPB. To the individuals left inside the perimeter of the South Park Blocks or Millar Library, you are now under arrest for 2nd Degree Trespass ORS 164.245,” another message stated. “Anyone resisting arrest could have force used against them and be subject to additional criminal charges. Follow officer directions as appropriate.” 

Inside the building, police said they had to move in a “slow, methodical” way to clear the building. “As expected, we have encountered barricades. Officers are clearing them as they go.” 

A large group of people in black bloc was seen running from the library without being stopped by police.

Police found improvised weapons inside the library, including ball bearing projectiles and water balloons filled with an unknown liquid.

The library at PSU was taken over and doors were barricaded on Monday evening, and the campus was forced to close. President Ann Cudd said in an email that the university will not pursue criminal charges against those who participated in the destruction and seizure of the Millar Library, nor will students be suspended, expelled, or punished for their role in the occupation. 

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