NEW: Missouri AG blasts Media Matters for trying to stop his investigation into leftist outlet

May 10, 2024 | Political News

On Wednesday, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced that Media Matters is attempting to halt an investigation from the AG's office into the organization for “allegedly fraudulent solicitation of donations from Missourians amidst its efforts to target X.”

Bailey posted about the motion from Media Matters online. “Media Matters is attempting to shut down Missouri courts. They filed a motion to HALT our investigation and lawsuit into their fraudulent practices,” Bailey wrote.

“DC courts have no say over Missouri courts. I have filed a motion to protect our ability to litigate in Missouri,” he added.

Baily filed a counter motion to Media Matters' attempt to stop the investigation, which stated, “How shocking it would be if the Missouri Attorney General asked a state court to issue an order preventing this Court from hearing this case. Yet Media Matters seeks exactly that extreme remedy, just in reverse.”

This is a breaking story. Please refresh for updates.

Motion AG Bailey by Tommy on Scribd