NEW: Massive crowd of Trump supporters in New Jersey ahead of Wildwood rally

May 11, 2024 | Political News

Supporters of President Donald Trump were overwhelmingly present for Trump's arrival at a rally in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey, with some even setting up camp overnight on the beach in anticipation of the event.

Decked out in Trump paraphernalia like “Make America Great Again” t-shirts, hats, and flags, supporters strolled the boardwalk showing their support for the presumptive GOP nominee.

Scheduled to address his followers on the beachfront on Saturday, Trump's rally is set to take place between Morey’s Piers and Adventure Pier. Officials have reported that the rally will feature an estimated crowd of up to 40,000, and some enthusiasts began queuing up for the event as early as Thursday, according to

In recent weeks, Trump has been required to spend a great deal of time in New York City for his Alvin Bragg court trial, which has hindered his ability to campaign. However, he was able to schedule the rally in New Jersey in between his court appearances. 

Despite New Jersey being a state where Biden secured a victory over Trump by nearly 16%. Trump appears to be narrowing the gap in his electoral figures across the nation as a whole for the upcoming election.

Trump currently has a lead against the current president in seven swing states. Recently polling has also shown that he has a commanding lead among voters on key issues, including the economy, inflation, immigration, and crime.