NEW: ‘I’ve always been a Democrat until I met this man,’ NFL legends praise Trump at NJ rally

May 11, 2024 | Political News

NFL legends Lawrence Taylor and Ottis Anderson took to the stage during a rally for President Donald Trump on Saturday evening in Wildwood New Jersey, with Taylor offering heavy praise to the presumed GOP nominee.  

“I grew up a Democrat and I’ve always been a Democrat until I met this man right here,” Taylor said to the crowd, referring to Trump.  

The crowd cheered to his words as he continued by saying his family would never be voting for a Democrat again. Anderson then took the mic from Taylor and spoke about how he had not seen one person leave the area since the event started.   
Around 100,000 people attended the rally in the New Jersey town. The crowd size broke historic records as well. 

During the rally, Trump also touched on the issues facing the country. 

Crooked Joe surrendered to the terrorists just like he surrendered to the Taliban. And now, he’s surrendering our college campuses to anarchists, jihadists, freaks, and anti-American extremists,” he said regarding the Israel-Hamas war as well as Gaza camps on college campuses. 

Trump connected this to the economy under the Biden administration, which he said has lit the “economy on fire.”

When discussing the falsified business records case in New York, he took aim at New York DA Alvin Bragg as well as Biden and called the case a “show trial.”

“I'm being forced to endure a Biden show trial, all done by Biden,” he added. “Carried out by radical Democrat District Attorney—you know he is? Fat Alvin. Corrupt guy.”

Trump went on to talk about crime levels in New York as well as alleged corruption against Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the case.