New Investigation Shows New Way How the FBI is Coming After Lawful Gun Owners

Mar 9, 2023 | Political News

A startling new report from The Washington Examiner has alleged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation covertly coordinated with hospitals and medical facilities across the United States to strip American gun owners of their Second Amendment guaranteed right to own, purchase, or use firearms.

According to the Examiner citing FBI records, the Bureau worked outside of congressional oversight or authorization with the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security to unconstitutionally strip over twenty American citizens of their right to own a gun using internal processes.

A cache of documents obtained by the Examiner following their initial reporting in December 2022 clarified precisely how the FBI gained the assistance of medical professionals to rip away the constitutional rights of at least five people.

Aidan Johnston, federal affairs director for Gun Owners of America told the outlet, “Any time you have evidence of private entities coordinating with federal agents to strip Americans of their rights, the public should be alarmed and demanding answers and action.”

“This is just the latest terrifying new instance of the illegal NICS self-submission form being used in nefarious ways, and those who used it to violate the public's trust must be held to account.”

According to the Washington Examiner, between 2016 and 2019 FBI agents brought forms to Americans at their own homes and in other undisclosed locations to register them with the agency's National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The new documents obtained by the outlet revealed that this practice dated all the way back to 2011.

The Americans signing the forms were asked to provide answers to some fairly disturbing questions such as whether they are a “danger” to themselves or others or lack the “mental capacity adequately to contract” for themselves. The very fact that the forms are in play has come to be a serious concern to First Amendment attorneys and conservative members of Congress.

Ken Cuccinelli, a former Trump Department of Homeland Security official prior, and former Virginia attorney general, told the Examiner, “It really speaks to the rogue nature of the ‘Deep State' mentality.”

The Gun Owners of America obtained several new documents through the Freedom of Information Act that revealed medical facilities in New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts and Oklahoma utilized the firearm forms and provided medical records belonging to those Americans to the FBI. The Bureau allegedly stopped using the form in 2019 but did so over the course of eight years from 2011.

One signatory of the NICS form after collusion between the ord Center, a private mental health group in Newark, Delaware, and the bureau identified himself as “a danger to himself or to others” per the report. But they were never involuntarily committed or judged “mentally defective” by a court.

However, under the Gun Control Act of 1968, U.S. citizens cannot declare themselves unfit and an American can only be prohibited from owning a gun if they are “adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution.”

Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-GA) told the Examiner,

“These new revelations provide additional proof that the FBI has used deeply disturbing tactics to erode Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms. Make no mistake — the FBI is weaponizing NICS forms to advance the Left’s dangerous agenda of dismantling our Second Amendment liberties and disarming our nation. Congress must thoroughly investigate this troubling matter and hold all unelected, anti-gun bureaucrats involved accountable for forcing Americans to relinquish their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

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