NEW: Illegal immigrant ‘TikTok influencer’ who told others how to squat in American homes arrested by ICE in Ohio

Mar 29, 2024 | Political News

The “TikTok influencer” and Venezuelan illegal immigrant Leonel Moreno who gave instructions to others on how to squat in and steal American homes was arrested in Ohio on Friday. 

According to ICE authorities, Moreno was arrested in Columbus, Ohio after video of him giving instructions to other illegal immigrants to become a squatter in American homes in a viral video. 

Authorities who spoke to reporter Bill Melugin said that the immigrant is now in federal custody. 

In his instructional video that went viral, the illegal immigrant said, “We can invade a house in the USA, what do you think about this new law?” 

“My African friends have told me that they have already taken about 7 homes,” Moreno added.

He suggested that taking people's property is the “only way we have to not live in the street and not be a public burden.”

The illegal immigrant added that if a property has “deteriorated” or is in “bad condition,” and someone does repairs while they live there, they can “ask for credits” when the home is sold. 

A firestorm of backlash around the video came amidst an uptick in reports of illegal immigrants using squatter’s laws around the country to take hold of American properties.  

One woman who attempted to remove squatters from her house by changing its locks in New York was arrested due to legal technicalities and the squatters remained in the home afterwards. She was taken into custody on charges of unlawful eviction.