New Bill Proposal Aims to Create an Intimate Partnership Between the Corporate Press and Big Tech

Aug 29, 2022 | Political News

According to Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net, a new bill was introduced in the United States Congress, featuring an amendment to the Journalism and Competition Preservation Act JCPA that has “the goal of providing a temporary safe harbor for online publishers to collectively negotiate the terms on which content may be distributed by Big Tech platforms.”

The “temporary safe harbor” provision in this bill would grant broadcast, digital, and print media outlets an eight-year grace period from having to follow antitrust laws.

One curious aspect of this legislation is that it enjoys bipartisan backing. Rankovic pointed out that the bill has the support of Democratic and Republican members of both the House and the Senate such as “David Cicilline, Ken Buck, Jerry Nadler, as well as Amy Klobuchar, John Kennedy, and Dick Durbin.”