NEW: Biden campaign spreads hoax that Trump called immigrants ‘animals’—he was talking about Laken Riley’s murderer

Apr 2, 2024 | Political News

President Donald Trump spoke at a Michigan rally on Tuesday, saying that he would ensure that there was justice for the “animal” that killed Laken Riley. The suspect is an illegal immigrant.

The Biden campaign cut up the clip, out of context, and spread it across social media with a caption quoting the former president, saying “Trump: Democrats said please don’t call immigrants animals. I said, no, they’re not humans, they’re animals.”

They shared the clip in Spanish as well.

The out of context clip was quickly fact checked on X with a full clip where Trump is shown referring to Jose Ibarra, the illegal immigrant charged in the murder of Laken Riley. 

Trump said Riley was murdered by an “illegal alien animal” right before the segment was clipped, out of context, by the Biden campaign.

“The 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia was barbarically murdered by an illegal alien animal. The Democrats say, ‘Please don’t call them animals, they’re humans,’ I said, ‘No they’re not humans, they’re not humans, they’re animals,’” the former president told the crowd. 

Left-wing influencers and media personalities also spread the claim that Trump was talking about immigrants generally. 

Berkeley professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said the clip was more evidence of Trump's “language of fascism.”

The clip taken out of context in Trump’s latest speech is reminiscent of what has now become known as the “bloodbath hoax” where left-wing media outlets spread claims that Trump was suggesting violence would come as a result if he did not win the 2024 election when he was talking about the economic outlook of the auto industry.  

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