NEW: Alex Bruesewitz heads to Green Bay with Trump for Wisconsin rally

Apr 2, 2024 | Political News

Alex Bruesewitz, the highest polling contender for Rep. Mike Gallagher's seat in Wisconsin, will be flying into Green Bay with President Donald Trump from West Palm Beach on Tuesday.  

The two will arrive ahead of Trump’s rally in the state.  

“8 years ago I stood in the rain to see President Trump speak in Appleton, Wisconsin, just a couple of months after I graduated high school. Today I am flying with Trump to his rally in Green Bay,” he posted. 

Bruesewitz has still not made the final decision to hop into the race as of yet, he told CBS News. 

The news comes as Gallagher in Wisconsin's 8th District has announced he is stepping down in April, timing it just right so that a Republican will not be able to fill the empty seat before the November election. 

Bruesewitz holds a 20-point lead over other candidates in a hypnotical race to replace Gallagher in the upcoming November election, according to a recent Cygnal poll.  

He told TPM at the time, “It’s evident that the people of Wisconsin are sick of career politicians like Mike Gallagher, that’s why his hand picked replacement Roger Roth is getting absolutely crushed. The great patriots of WI-8 will send a strong, pro-Trump conservative to Washington as their next Representative.”

Trump is scheduled to speak at 5 pm in Green Bay

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