NEW: 6-week abortion ban to take effect after Florida Supreme Court ruling

Apr 1, 2024 | Political News

A 6-week abortion ban is to take effect in Florida after a pro-life ruling came down from the state's supreme court on Monday.  

The Florida Supreme Court upheld a ruling to allow a 15-week ban on abortion in the state, a law passed by Florida's legislature in 2022. With the ruling, a trigger law banning abortions at 6 weeks in the state, passed by the legislature in 2023, will take effect one month after the ruling.  

According to ABC Tampa Bay, the majority stated, “Based on our analysis finding no clear right to abortion embodied within the Privacy Clause, Planned Parenthood cannot overcome the presumption of constitutionality and is unable to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the 15-week ban is unconstitutional.” 

The state was brought to court by abortion organization Planned Parenthood against the original pro-life measure with concerns over privacy. Planned Parenthood made similar reasoning in its case as the now overturned case of Roe v Wade.  

In the opinion the justices further added, “In doing so, we recede from our prior decisions in which—relying on reasoning the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected— we held that the Privacy Clause guaranteed the right to receive an abortion through the end of the second trimester.” 

Although the decision will take effect on May 1, it will be conditional on a constitutional amendment vote that will secure abortion up to 24 weeks during pregnancy in the November election. It will need 60 percent of voters to become part of the state constitution. 

Another amendment that is proposed to be on the ballot will be the legalization of marijuana which would also need 60 percent support. 

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