NBA Basketball Star Enes Freedom Has $500,000 Bounty Placed On Him By Foreign Government For Speaking Out Against Human Rights Abuses

Jan 20, 2023 | Political News

The Turkish government, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has placed a $500,000 bounty on the head of NBA player Enes Freedom, who has garnered international attention after speaking out about human rights issues in his home country, prompting the basketball player to join “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday.

“I was doing a basketball camp in the Vatican for Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish kids and I heard the news for the first time and I got in touch with the FBI and they said to come back to America,” Freedom said about when he found out about the bounty. “This is the first time the Turkish government has put a bounty on my head and put me on the most wanted terrorists list just because I talk about some of the human rights violations and some of the political things happening in Turkey.”

“You know, I'm not the only one. There are so many journalists, academics, professors and celebrities on that list,” Enes continued. “When I had a conversation with my friends on the ground they said the mafia, professional hitmen, and the cartel could be after my case. And I was like speechless. I was like this can't be happening to an American citizen on US soil.”


“Some of the members of the Congress actually reacted to this news and asked the Biden administration to speak up and actually take some actions,” the basketball player explained. “Because I remember the first time President Biden –  before he took to office, actually, – the first thing he said was the problem in the Middle East is our doing, and we need to do something about it. And it's been almost two years and he has not done a thing yet. So we have to prioritize human rights.”

“So I'm asking, please Biden administration to take some solid actions and help my friends over there, help my family over there. I haven't seen them almost ten years,” he concluded.

On Thursday, Freedom explained on Thursday that he is speaking out against these human rights abuses irrespective of whether it cost him his career: “I'm trying to be the voice of all those innocent people out there who don't have a voice. So it is worth it, yes. It might cost me my career, my family, and everything I have. But I know in the end, I am doing God's work. So, yes, it is worth it. And I have no regrets,” as reported by Fox News.

With the Turkish government actively going after an American citizen, the federal government needs to take action to protect him from potential harm that could come his way.

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