Nayib Bukele – CPAC 2024 Speech

Feb 26, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Make no mistake about it…

America is now facing its “hour of maximum danger.” 

Because the danger we now face comes not from standing enemies on distant shores –

But, from covert enemies here at home…

In Washington… at the very highest levels of our own government.

They operate under the guise of “protecting” Democracy” (the enemy now always capitalizes the word – in order to make certain we adhere and defer to their perverse definition)…

And their entire purpose is to fully subjugate the American people – 

In order to impose the oppressive dictates of the wealthy and powerful ruling elite.

And how will all of that occur once they have fully worked their wicked will?

Well, at CPAC this past week, we saw a powerful video presentation that laid out for us.

Not by some politician posturing (as they are wont to do) before the cameras.

Or even by a political theorist who thinks (perhaps rightly so) that he has figured it all out.

But, by the highly articulate, passionate – and compassionate — twice elected President of a country that has already been where the US is now.

For decades, he saw his country taken over by bellicose fascists who bellowed “Democracia” – while brutally imposing the most draconian of dictates.

He watched his country torn to shreds – by those who who had seized power (all in the name of the people, of course) and then proceeded to destroy the economy, unleash vicious crime, and jail any and all who dared speak up for “Libertad.”

Sound familiar?

Well, rather than have me tell the story of the President who rescued his country, in “its hour of maximum danger”…

Let him tell you himself (in flawless English, no less). 

In the video embedded above, then is the stirring, often stunning, video of El Salvador President Nayib Bukele at last week’s CPAC sounding a sincere and serious warning about where America is now headed…

Unless you and I as Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leaders resolutely refuse to “shrink back from the responsibility… and, instead, “defend freedom in its hour of maximum danger.”

Together, let’s do this thing!!!