Navarro Farewell

Mar 20, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot:

America is now facing an unprecedented threat to its most basic and precious freedoms. 

Never before have we seen such a ruthless, reckless assault upon our democracy.

And it is coming from the very highest levels of our own government.

No one is safe from the Biden regime’s lawfare attacks upon those it has deemed its “domestic enemies.”

Following the lead of Stalin’s enforcer Beria, Biden’s lieutenants show his hitmen the man (with Donald Trump, of course, at the top of the list) –

And Merrick Garland and Christopher Ray find the crime.

The arrest and incarceration of former White House advisor Peter Navarro is a chilling case in point.

You are a trusted Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leader – 

In fact, you are one of the select few Patriot Leaders on my own personal, private email list –

So I am sharing with you the video embedded above of Peter Navarro’s farewell to the American people as he is ushered into the ever expanding American Gulag…

Because you, far more than most, will understand the gravity of it. 

It is touching.

It is inspiring.

And it is chilling. 

As Peter, with whom I had the privilege of working on several occasions throughout the years, makes abundantly clear:

If the Biden Deep State gestapo can come for him…

They can come for anyone – 

Including you and me!

Please watch this courageous patriot’s farewell video carefully – 

And be prepared to help your Constitutional Rights PAC lead the fight to regain our now lost freedom, justice – and the American way of life.