Nashville’s ‘No Grade Below 50’ Policy Implemented In Hamilton County Schools

Jul 12, 2023 | Political News

Public schools in Hamilton County seem to have adopted a Metro Nashville Public Schools’ (MNPS) grading system that requires teachers to assign students a minimum grade of 50 regardless of the grade they earned, even if that student has been caught cheating or has not properly attempted to submit assignments.

According to MNPS grading procedures, “A 50 is the lowest quarter grade a student may receive,” and “A 50 is the lowest exam grade a student may receive.”

This phrasing is reiterated several times throughout the grading procedures document which goes on to state that for high school state assessments taken in middle school, “Assign a grade of 50 as 15% of the semester grade to students with an unexcused absence, who refused the test, or who have a nullified score due to cheating.”