Nashville All-Girls School Scraps Gender Diversity Policy To Admit Boys Who Identify As Girls

Aug 23, 2022 | Political News

We reported on August 11th that a Nashville elite all-girls school, Harpeth Hall, had enacted a new policy to allow applications from individuals who identify as females, regardless of their biological sex.

After significant pushback from the community, the school has decided to “pause” on the enactment of their new ‘Gender Diversity Policy’ that was created by the school’s Board of Trustees at the request of school leadership.

In a letter obtained by Breitbart News, the Board of Trustees stated, “We recognize that this philosophy elicited strong reactions of support and opposition beyond our expectations,” it reads. “We care deeply about your feedback, and we have heard you.”

The letter goes on to state, “Based on the response from our school community, Harpeth Hall is choosing to pause the adoption of the philosophy in order to engage a wider audience in continued discussion.”