MUST WATCH: Pro-Palestinian protesters confuse and anger Antifa militant by arguing against child sex changes

Nov 5, 2023 | Political News

On Saturday, a masked Antifa member who was arguing with Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, that children should be able to get sex changes attempted to garner support from two Muslim women, who then immediately sided with Elston. 

In a video posted on X, while the two are discussing the medicalization of children who claim a trans identity, the Antifa member turns to three Muslim women who walked up and said, “This guy is trying to propagate anti-LGBTQ propaganda. He is trying to tell children they are not allowed be trans.” 

“Yeah, they are not,” the women quickly respond, causing the man to become upset at them. 

The man seemingly cussed at the ladies in response, saying “f*ck you,” before muttering more words. 

“In some religions, you can't do that, you have to respect that,” one of the women said. “In the three Abrahamic religions LGBTQ is forbidden,” stated another. 

The first woman notes that “in some religions, you can do that, but not in our religion. So we don't agree with your faith.” As the group starts asking him about his religion and what he identifies as, the Antifa member walks away from the group refusing to discuss the matter anymore. 

Elston travels around the world standing on street corners with sandwich boards that have phrases like “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” to have conversations with people about the medicalization of children who identify as trans. 

Before the three women walked up to the conversation the Antifa member argued that children should be able to transition and that Elston was “enforcing the parent's control over a person's body.” He also claimed that “children are not being sterilized.” He accused Elston of intimidating him after he he said that “all the trans experts themselves will tell you” that these drugs sterilize children. 

The video reveals that before the start of the video, the Antifa member called Elston a “f**king fascist” as he was walking down the sidewalk. When asked what is fascist about trying to protect children, the masked man claimed that Elston was “causing children to commit suicide.” 

Over 21 states in the United States have banned cross-sex hormones and surgery for minors. Many who oppose these bills claim that allowing minors to undergo sex changes is “life-saving” because without it a child would take their own life. The National Health Institute notes that all of the 23 studies conducted on the matter of suicidality “suffer from a lack of methodological rigor that increases the risk of a type I error.”