MUST WATCH: Poilievre tells ‘biased’ Canadian Press reporter Conservatives will end state funding for media companies

Feb 13, 2024 | Political News

During a press conference on Monday, a reporter with the Canadian Press accused the Conservatives of wanting to hand over $100 million in taxpayer funded “regulatory relief” to the mainstream media.

Party leader Pierre Poilievre made it clear that under his watch, not a single cent of Canadians' money would go to propping up outlets that fail to deliver “real news to the Canadian people.”

“Why did your party want to grant over $100 million in regulatory relief to the mainstream media?” the reporter asked, to which Poilievre replied, “We don't want to give any tax dollars to the mainstream media.”

Upon finding out that she was from the Canadian Press, Poilievre smiled and launched his attack. “So of course you are a tax-funded media outlet spreading Justin Trudeau's message,” he said after being interrupted numerous times, only to be cut off yet again.

“Are you gonna let me answer the question, or are you just going to heckle on behalf of Justin Trudeau?” Poilievre asked, at which point the reporter allowed him to speak.

He said in no uncertain terms that the Conservative Party “does not support tax dollars for media outlets because that's when we end up with biased media like you who come here and articulate the PMO talking points rather than delivering real news to the Canadian people.”

“Justin Trudeau gave Bell Media and other media tax dollars supposedly to protect media jobs,” he continued, “and then what happened? They all got laid off. So the supposed justification for giving Bell all this money was that it was gonna save media jobs. Well, they all got fired, so I guess … the real reason was for him to buy support from the media, which is what it actually did.”

Poilievre concluded by claiming that the Conservative position was that media should be “driven by readership, viewership, and listenership,” to ensure it represents Canadians and not the wishes of the prime minister.