MUST WATCH: Man guns down father and son outside Brooklyn apartment over ‘noise dispute’, police investigating

Oct 31, 2023 | Political News

Police are investigating after a father and son were shot and killed in a Brooklyn apartment building on Sunday night during an alleged noise dispute with their downstairs neighbor. A video of the incident has since gone viral, with some seemingly suggesting that the actions could have been considered self-defense. Others vehemently argued that the confrontation was a cut and clear execution.

US congressional candidate Sir Maejor Page shared a video of the harrowing incident and asked: “Was this self defense or was this cold blood murder?”

He also posted a screenshot of the now-deceased father holding scissors, along with the caption: “Hatian father with scissors confronts downstairs neighbor who had a gun.”

Sir Maejor Page is a well-known Black Lives Matter activist and agitator and has been accused of fraudulently using donations to a BLM Facebook page to fund his home purchase fund, according to WTVG. He was arrested by the FBI over the charges in September 2020. 

“Was this self defense? Or a hit?” asked News Alphas.

“Lesson: don't bring scissors to a gunfight,” posted another account. “Was this ‘self defense'? What do you think?”

“Is this self defense? Haitian Father and Son died.” another asked.

Law enforcement reports that the father and son from the Brooklyn apartment were found dead on the fourth floor of the East Flatbush apartment building shortly after 10:30 pm according to ABC 7. While an investigation remains ongoing, no arrests have been made.

The victims were identified by family as 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old son Chinwai Mode.

“My son is a good boy…he's not violent,” said the mother and wife of the family, Marie Delillies. “My husband has no gun, no weapon, why would you bring your gun to shoot my family? Why would you bring a gun to tear my family apart?”