MUST WATCH: Disgraced IDW bro Sam Harris says Elon Musk bought Twitter because he was ‘addicted to it’, whines about free speech on platform

Jan 2, 2024 | Political News

Speaking with Dr Jordan Peterson in a recent Daily Wire podcast, Sam Harris claimed that Elon Musk bought X, formerly known as Twitter, because Musk was “addicted to it,” and complained about the free speech that has been ushered in under Musk’s ownership.

“Look at what Twitter has done to Elon’s life, right?” Harris said, stating that “Elon used to be a friend.”

“His engagement with Twitter has been catastrophic for him as a person from my point of view. I mean, it’s just, it’s clearly a compulsion, he was so addicted to it that he felt he needed to buy the platform.”

Harris said that Musk’s use of the platform “has been so irresponsible,” adding that he has “signal boosted massively” the profiles “of anonymous QAnon lunatic trolls.”

“He’s been completely cavalier in who he interacts with, all the while knowing that anyone he boosts suddenly gets, you know, a million followers and has a platform that they otherwise couldn’t imagine having.”

“So I look at him and I think, if someone of his talent who has so many other good things to do with his 24 hours in any given day, is this derailed by this platform? You know, he’s using it this compulsively to the obvious degradation of his reputation in most circles that count.”

Harris said that what he was saying has “nothing” to do with “changes he’s made to the platform,” adding that “I mean, that’s a separate thing.”

Harris said he has “been agnostic as to whether or not he could actually improve Twitter as a platform, and he may wind up doing that.”

Harris took aim at Musk back in August, stating in a separate interview that Musk and other prominent figures “are kind of living out the consequences of their dissatisfaction with the presence on the public stage and winning a lot of followers as a result.

Harris said that Musk and others “really care that the government tried to micromanage the messaging about Covid on Twitter,” but “they don’t really much care about what happened on January 6.”

In response to the clip, Musk wrote, “Sam Harris has gone flat out insane. It’s tragic.”