Movement To Abolish Electronic Voting Machines In Hamilton County Has Begun

Sep 19, 2022 | Political News

The non-partisan, grassroots group Hamilton County Election Security is sponsoring a petition to remove electronic voting machines in the county.

In an email / flyer, the group states:

  • They Say “Voting machines used in Tennessee are  not connected to the internet.”  But they won’t let us look inside the machine to check for ourselves!
  • They Say “Bipartisan county election commissions must ensure voting machines are publicly tested  before every election.” But they didn’t say the public can conduct its own tests / audit. They didn’t say non-partisan. They do control the test but who controls the outcome?
  • They Say “Ineligible voters are removed from voter rolls through mandated list maintenance procedures.” But do they check citizenship status? Well, do they? Are illegals eligible to vote in Tennessee? Is there any enforcement? Point to one arrest!
  • They Say “All elections are administered locally  and overseen by a bipartisan county election com mission”