Morris: FBI ‘Responds’ to Twitter Files Allegations of Bureau Involvement in Censorship

Dec 22, 2022 | Political News

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a brash response to the “Twitter Files” tranche released Monday, but refused to address the central claim alleged in the reporting — that the bureau guided and cultivated company employees to censor the New York Post‘s reporting on the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” series ahead of the 2020 election.

The Bureau claimed the authentic emails released by Elon Musk “show nothing more” than normal day-to-day operations of the agency, and that the release of the correspondences were “conspiracy theorists” propagating “misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.” The FBI did not specify in its response who it was referring to as “conspiracy theorists,” nor did it provide any explanation of what materials were “misinformation.”

The full statement reads: