Monster Who Murdered Black Retired Cop David Dorn Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole

Oct 9, 2022 | Political News

Stephan Cannon, the murderer of the late retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, was sentenced to life in prison without parole this past week following a conviction in July.

On the night of June 2, 2020, David Dorn got a call that multiple alarms had been triggered at a local pawn shop as the city descended into chaos as rioters ruled the streets. The retired police chief confronted the criminals, one of whom was his killer Stephen Cannon, and subsequently shot Dorn and live-streamed the incident.

Dorn had served 38 years on the St. Louis police force before being the police chief of Moline Acres until his retirement in 2014.

The 26-year-old Cannon was convicted of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, stealing $750 or more, unlawful possession of a firearm, and three counts of armed criminal action, according to Fox News.

In addition to life without parole for the first-degree murder charge, Judge Theresa Counts Burke gave Cannon 16 years for armed criminals action, 10 years for robbery, and five years for burglary.

During the hearing, Dorn's widow Ann Wood Dorn stated that her husband “became a victim of the very thing he fought against.”

“I hope your eyes are woke,” said Dorn's son Brian Powell. “You still have time to get everything together and make amends with your maker.”


Earlier this year, Mrs. Dorn authored an opinion piece slamming the Black Lives Matter movement, Kamala Harris, and George Soros for their dangerous policies.

“David became a cop because when he was a little boy he wanted to be a superhero. And he was a superhero,” Mrs. Dorn explained. “But if real-life superheroes exist, so do supervillains. Those supervillains are people like the man who killed my husband.”

“They are people like billionaire George Soros, who use their power and influence to promote extremist politics and fan the flames of division. They are people like Vice President Kamala Harris, who raised money for the rioters’ bail funds, and the CEOs of prominent companies who blindly gave their support and money to this,” the widow blasted in the opinion piece, adding, “If a foreign organization were tied to nationwide rioting in the U.S., we’d probably call it a terrorist organization.”

Soros has repeatedly funded left-wing district attorney campaign races throughout the country leading to many of them pushing policies that are soft on crime, allowing for criminals to be released early or come out with lenient punishments.

Additionally, Vice President Harris tweeted the day before Dorn died a link to the Minnesota Freedom Fund that posted bail to get rioters out of jail following their arrest in protests over the death of George Floyd, according to the Daily Wire.

“David didn’t agree with or support Black Lives Matter. He never understood Black Lives Matter, because it never actually did anything to help Black lives,” she explained. “The same year David was killed, over a dozen children were shot in St. Louis, and never once did Black Lives Matter show up. Their lives mattered.”

Captain Dorn's life mattered and it's good that justice has finally been served to his killer; however, the thousands that rioted across the country have yet to be brought to justice.

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