Michael Rapaport unendorses ‘Cadaver Joe Biden’ for president

May 12, 2024 | Political News

Actor, comedian, and hardcore leftist Michael Rapaport has officially unendorsed Joe Biden for president saying, “Voting for Trump is on the table.”

This comes after the Biden administration reversed its decision on Wednesday to send weapons to Israel to aid in its war against Hamas.

Rapaport, who is Jewish, has heavily criticized Biden’s response to the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel and made it clear on X this week that he had reached his final straw with the Democrat president.

“Cadaver, Joe Biden. You know who I am. You know my work. I’m the one who invented d*ck stain Donald Trump,” said Rapaport in a post on X.

“That’s me. That’s my work. I didn’t ask for a thank you. I didn’t ask for an invite to the White House. I did it for the love. I did it for the love because I couldn’t stand that motherf*cker,” he said.

“And you dumb old motherf*cker…F*ck you!” Rapaport exclaimed. 

“You’re not sending weapons to Israel during a f*ck*ng war while American hostages and hostages from 22 countries are still in that f*ck*ng p*sshole? You’re not sending weapons now you dumbf*ck? Let me ask you something. I never, ever thought I would say this but I’ll promise you this right now: Smoking Joe Biden, Cadaver Joe Biden. Me, Michael Rapaport, I’m not voting for you. You’re not getting my vote,” he said.

“I said it once, and I’ll say it again,” he continued. “This is why voting for d*ck stain Donald Trump, pig d*ck Donald Trump, is on the f*ck*ng table.”

It’s unclear if the notorious anti-Trump actor will endorse Republican Donald Trump for president, but this is not the first time since the Israel-Hamas war that Rapaport has weighed this option.

He made a similar pro-Trump statement in February, which was also regarding Biden’s actions with the Israel-Hamas war, as well as the mass invasion of illegal immigrants in New York City caused by Biden’s open-border policies.