Metro Police Department Postpones Release of Covenant School Shooter’s “Manifesto”

May 4, 2023 | Political News

The Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) has officially announced a delay on the release of written documents tied to the Covenant School shooting that took place back in March.  

As recent as last week, those calling for the release of the shooter’s “manifesto” had gotten their hopes up after MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron told News Channel 2 that the department had started the “close review/preparation process for the public release of written material.”

However, in light of an open records lawsuit against the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, filed by the Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) on May 1st, the MNPD has been advised by legal counsel to “hold in abeyance the release of records.”

More information on the TFA lawsuit can be found here.

The MNPD then put out a statement via their Twitter account on May 3rd using the pending litigation as an excuse for delayed release of the documents.

Because the TFA’s lawsuit is public knowledge at this point, many individuals and media publications have placed blame on the association and their lawsuit even though it has been over a month since the shooting occurred and the MNPD has still not obliged the public’s repeated cry for transparency.