Metro Nashville To Consider Including Gender Reassignment As Part Of Employee Healthcare Coverage

Jun 6, 2023 | Political News

According to the website page for the Metro Nashville Employee Benefit Board, Included on the agenda of items to be considered is gender reassignment for employees as a part of the general health benefit plans. 

Based on reports, cost estimates for transition from male to female can cost as much as $140,450 and a transition from female to male can run $124,400, which includes all related procedures, surgeries, hair removal, hormone therapies.

What isn’t specifically indicated is whether or not this is just an estimate for the initial transition, and not the additional cost patients will incur for the lifelong treatments they will need to maintain the changes, or any additional surgeries needed due to complications. 

The Tennessee Conservative reached out to Metro Nashville HR to ask specifically what the city would be covering for initial transitions as well as on-going care, should gender reassignment be approved to be included in the city’s healthcare plans and has not received any response as of the writing of this article.