McDonald’s customer shoots, kills Texas lawyer for intervening in altercation with staff

May 8, 2024 | Political News

A McDonald's customer shot and killed 46-year-old Texas attorneyJeffrey Limmer after Limmer asked him to calm down when the man became irate with the staff over his order on Saturday.

Jeffrey Limmer attempted to de-escalate the situation between the screaming customer and the McDonald's employees which led to the customer turning his focus on Limmer. The pair began to argue outside the store before Limmer pushed the customer to the ground.

The customer went to his vehicle to retrieve his gun and shot Limmer twice. The unidentified gunman fled the scene in an early 2000s blue Ford pickup truck, per ABC13 Houston.

Limmer's sister, Jennifer Thomas, said that he frequented that McDonald's and was not surprised that he stepped in to stick up for the staff.

“Knowing Jeff, he's the one who always says, ‘Calm down. It's not that big of a deal,' and divert the situation,” Thomas said. “He's always wanted to fight for the little guy and do the right thing.”

She said that he was “A good Samaritan who is trying to do the right thing and not letting those employees at McDonalds go through that.”

Limmer's good friend told Fox 26 Houston he had just spoken to the lawyer last week about his cousin being drafted by the Los Angeles Rams NFL team and that Limmer was “very proud.”

Greg Monteverde stated: “Utilizing cuss words and other profanities, Jeff stepped in to try and deescalate the situation try and calm him down. I thought it was brave. I respect it. I think a lot of us knew Jeff to be that type of individual. In school, he would invite somebody who wasn't the most popular student to a party or things like that.”

Detectives have not yet been able to track down the shooter.