Mayorkas Impeached

Feb 14, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,


YOU took the lead in finally impeaching Cuban-born border traitor Alejandro “Fidelito” Mayorkas – 

And you deserve to give yourself a well-earned, hard-earned pat on the back!

Make no mistake about it…

When you and thousands of other Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leaders took to the phones over the past week demanding that Republican members of the House show some spine and remove the malfeasant Mayorkas from office…

Well, let’s just say that your voices were too loud, long, and persistent to ignore –

And you got results!!!

Don’t worry that the Democrat-and RINO-controlled US Senate will never vote to convict. 

That’s okay –

Because now, the feet of every single pro-illegal alien Dem/RINO member of the Senate can be held to the fire as they run for re-election…

And that is an issue on which they cannot win!

So, congratulate yourself on playing hardball politics at its best.

You have shown that you know how to play the game –

And win BIG! 

And at Constitutional Rights PAC Headquarters, we are proud of you.

Now, I would like to suggest that while you are taking your well-deserved victory lap, you take one more action as well:

Constitutional Rights PAC CALL TO ACTION

Call the office of the intrepid, unflinching and unflagging Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and thank her for single-handedly pushing through the Mayorkas impeachment. The radical left is throwing the brickbats – let’s you and I hand her the Constitutional Rights PAC bouquets! Her office number is: (202) 225-5211.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here is a tell-tale video (embedded above) showing MTG once again standing tall to defend her vote – and America’s sovereignty – even in the face of a hostile press.

Let’s face it, we need another couple of dozen like her!